Founded in 1995.

/Q/LITE is Taiwan's professional bicycle light manufacturer who is specialized in research and development. Our own independently developed technology and design capabilities let us build factories in Taiwan and China.  /Q/LITE starts to provide all-in-one service to our customers from research、develop、produce、and sales. Our products, not only apply for CE certification, some products have passed the German K-mark, British BS and French TPL certification. The full range of products meet the relevant regulatory standards. /Q/LITE's product quality is trustworthy!



Our Skills

/Q/LITE owns excellent skills, plenty of resources, and strong R&D team. By sharing the knowledge and resources, our product innovation keeps pace with the times. Our certified products have been accepted more than hundreds of bike manufacturers, lighting factories, and export customers. For OEM/ODM, customer's design and product specifications are absolutely confidential. /Q/LITE  provides customers with the best instant services.

Quality Assurance

/Q/LITE has its own production facilities, from mold making, work distribution, quality inspection equipment and production lines.  We ensure product quality and provide after-sale service. From customers' perspective to consider problems that might occur to a product; /Q/LITE tries to prevent accidents happen or provides possible solutions. Regardless of product substitution processing, develop a new product together, or become our distributors; /Q/LITE welcomes all kinds of cases.

Concept x Service

Currently, /Q/LITE's products sold to Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Based on the trust, many companies from other countries are seeking a way to become /Q/LITE's distributor/ agency. The trust that come from our customers give us the power to keep follow our business concept. /Q/LITE's future product line has a main topic, which is life.  How can we create a high quality life using light, which combine five essentials of Life + Art + Technology + Health + Green- Energy? A product that can bring innovative and green energy-friendly to our customers and at the same time to put in an effort to reduce the burden to our environment.


Company History

  • 1995-01-01
    • 「Master」founded by Paul Chen. First located in Dali, Taichung.
    • The name「Master」to imply meaning of the pioneer, the leader of bicycle lights.
  • 2001-01-01
    Business Expansion
    Relocate to Dong-guang Road to expand its operations.
  • 2002-01-01
    Factory In China
    Set up 「Q-Lite Bicycle Light (Hui Zhou) Co., LTD.」
    •Factory facilities under one dragon process: design and development, mold opening/modification, plastic injection, painting, printing, glue injection, and IC bonding. 
    •Equipment's : UV Fade Lamp machine, Antirust/Waterproof test machine, Vibration test machine, Low and High Temperature and Humidity test machine, Optical test machine.
  • 2005-01-01
    Global Marketing Operations
    First step is to relocate the office to Puzi Road, opened a store, and established a factory to form production lines. From here, actively implement strategies to increase product production rate.
    •Starts ODM/OEM cooperation relationship with many well-known bicycle brand manufacturers.
    •Has been awarded “Taiwan Excellent Cooperation Company”by many manufacturers.
    •Sells products to many counties by agencies/distributors.
  • 2014-01-01
    Operational model transformed from OEM into ODM
    • OEM/ODM Cases
    • /Q/LITE
    – Marketing our own brand
    - Starts with bicycles as the center for integration. From manufacture to create our own brand /Q/LITE; developing/promoting/advertising our market over the world to provide full services and after-sales warranty.